Sunday, 2 January 2011

2011 - Y Flwyddyn Dwy Fil ag Un ar Ddeg


Frenchie_Rocky said...

bonne année :)

joydiv79 said...

Came across your blog by way of The Northern Boys Club.

Now I'm hooked . . . . . .

Great stuff.

Happy New Year

Llywarch said...

Merci G, blwyddyn newydd dda pour vous et Cyril xx

Cheers JoyDiv79, really appreciate the kind words! A happy new year to you!


The Northern Boys Club said...

My favourite to date mate.

I'm not sure anyone does it better than Nigel Cabourn either. In the fantastic new Flannels store in Manchester they have some amazing archive pieces in there including a HUGE Arctic sleeping bag.

Well worth a trip up to Manchester just to see them.


Llywarch said...

Cheers Tom!
Agreed, Cabourn is difficult to beat. You know the research and thought has been put into each piece and the quality is second to none.
I'd no idea Flannels had some archive pieces. Really is good reason to get me arse back up to Manchester.

Mattias Søndergaard said...

Your blogging makes me a happy man!