Saturday, 6 November 2010

What's stopping you.....?


natasha said...

That photo with all the royalty of rap made me laugh out loud.

Llywarch said...

Me also! Can't imagine today's rap royalty travelling together in such a fashion.

Triathlon Despair said...

Still my favourite blog out there.

We may disagree about Kate Moss, but very pleased to see another Auderey Tautou picture

Llywarch said...

Haha, don't you go dissing The MOSS ;)

Audrey is so beautiful, I will make an effort to search out more good photos of her.

JS1500 said...

Gotta agree, the rap royalty pic is excellent!
The /// cat above it too!
Missing you.
'n ddedwydd Ben-blwydd da chilydd! (?)

Llywarch said...

Good to hear from you mate!! Thanks for the b'day wish.
Close, "Penblwydd hapus" is the modern way. That's an older, Ye Old, way of saying it.