Sunday, 8 August 2010

We Do Not Have A Dinosaur


Triathlon Despair said...

As ever, some inspiring pictures.

Having started my own blogging effort, I'm now appreciating the effort you put into's the small things like the borders and the spacing that make this blog one of my favourites.

Also loving the (new) desert camo jacket......v cool.

Llywarch said...

Thanks again mate for your kind words and support.
I've always saved images I liked, be it cutting out from magazines or saving .jpgs. So rather than clogging up my hard drive I now share them on here. Admittedly my consumption has grown, a lot, since I began this blog, but it's still a labour of love.
I'm over the moon with the camo jacket, glad you like it.
I'm following and thoroughly enjoying Good work!

AndrewPlus2 said...

Another great selection sir.

Llywarch said...

Cheers A! Very kind of you.