Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sul y Cofio



pop c. said...

ace post, mate. as always.

Frenchie_Rocky said...

hi, i really like your blog !

Llywarch said...

Merci mes amis, merci beaucoup.
Really appreciate your comments.
Thoroughly enjoying your work over at "By The Way..."

Look Over There said...

Quality once again Al, liking the WWI pics at the top. Also, your Solebox Berlin pics have made me seriously regret passing on them. You bugger. Cheers :-D Martin

Llywarch said...

Cheers Martin!

Glad you like the WWI photos. They're all family members, except for the big moustachioed guy in the 2nd photo!

So glad I got the Solebox Berlins, especially as they where a gift!


Look Over There said...

Haha, nice of someone to give you them, it was your pics that convinced me to get the Torsion Racer dirt magnets back in the summer too. Picked up the Berlins in the end, Hikmet had some left ;-)